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cause the growth of bacteria and fungi, ruining your expensive stroker. Whether you are in the same room or across the world from each other, this is the perfect way for you to feel more intimate and closer to each other. Finally, you can use it as a way to connect with your partner sexually, no matter how far you are from each other. Weighing a comfortable 150 grams, it has a three-inch wide stretchable hole that.5cm deep, so any man can comfortably fit inside. They have a wide range of toys designed for men, women, and couples. Right above the hole on the outside of the stroker is the USB port which is used to charge the device.

To function over long distances, it uses internet connectivity linked through the app. However, on the plus side, the convenient manual mode is perfect for those situations when you want instant satisfaction, perhaps after getting turned on by something you just saw. The box highlights the main features and functionalities of the stroker. This makes for the most intense world shattering orgasms you have ever had. The box is delightfully packed and contains one virtual Blowbot stroker, an extra sleeve in a plastic wrapper, and a USB cable for charging the device.

Its also ideal for tech lovers, who have an app for everything. Finally, be sure to use a good quality water based lubricant when using the Blowbot stroker. There are special sex toy lubricants that will be perfect to use with. If you do not have these cleaners at hand, use a little warm water and mild baby soap. This toy is also partnered with an app, but is designed to specifically offer be worn for internal and external vibrations during sex with a partner.

Pornhub gets over 80 million daily visits. The Drawbacks, the buttons get very slippery, especially if youre using lube (which you should be) and a few times Ive accidentally changed the pattern or intensity just as I was getting close, which is beyond frustrating. The Bluetooth compatibility makes it function over short distances, such as when both you and your partner are in the same room. How does it feel? Virtual Blowbot Stroker is another amazing adult toy from Pornhub. It can also be used offline as a manual solo device, where you control the intensity of the vibrations yourself using the buttons on the touch selection area. Both ends are also easy to insert, so you can play with a partner or simply switch. Back to menu, main Features, the, virtual Blowbot Stroker is a long black and yellow box that comes in a black matte finish with a gloss finger-touch selection area. It is a very versatile toy because you can personalize how you want to use.


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Back to menu How Does it Work? This will guarantee the most earth-shattering orgasm you have ever had. The Virtual Blowbot Stroker feels almost like the real thing when you use. It feels so indescribably amazing you will lose your mind! You can finally choose to play solo. You can also choose to be nice and share the fun with your partner, or partners, using the Blowbot Stroker. Being a market leader and innovator, Pornhub has made sure that its toys offer the kind of versatility and functionality that is still hard to get in the industry because the technology is still in its infancy. And as if that werent enough, the app can also control the toy via Bluetooth, meaning you can have hands-free fun or allow your partner to dictate your orgasms. You can use it as a normal fleshlight with or without the seven vibrator settings.

It can be used to stimulate multiple partners at the same time. It has been specially designed with realistic ridges on the inside texture, which will compound and intensify every sensation. The Virtual Blowbot Stroker works by synchronizing its vibrations with Pornhub videos or with other compatible sex toys with kiiroo technology. This can be a turn off for most people since not many people would be willing to spend so much on something they will probably not be using every day. Using strong detergents or alcohol-based disinfectants will damage the material of the sleeve, causing cracking, drying or general degradation. More often, ideas claiming to be revolutionary are just re-hashed versions of already existing products but this toy, my friends, is a truly ingenious exception. All these toys have been seamlessly integrated with the latest in advanced technology and virtual reality, to create an experience that will literally blow your mind.

Through the wonders of virtual reality, you can see and almost feel what the pornstar in the video is feeling. It is a virtual sex toy that synchronizes its vibrations with a porn video on Pornhub or a remotely controlled sex toy that has been paired. The inside walls expand and contract around your penis, tightening and releasing their grip around it in tune with the motions of the video you are watching or the vibration setting you are. Use anti-bacterial sex toy cleaners on the sleeve to do this. It also charges via a discreet dock, so its a little less out there on the night stand than the Crescendo. Another way in which the stroker works is by creating shared sexual experiences.

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